BAST – Spring 2013

BAST – Spring 2013

the scandinavian Magazine of fashion, arts and culture
Language : english
Category : Arts & culture
Content : fashion art music Jacket and blouse…
122 pages

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The eighth issue of the Bast magazine will let you know about latest reports of art & culture events and news that occurred in most of the Scandinavian countries. This lifestyle magazine also presents last fashion and culture trends.

Bast is a really good magazine, not only for Scandinavian people, but also for all visitors and new coming persons who want to know the culture of the northern Europe. First, the magazine is focused about latest fashion trends. Inside each issue, we can also read about the new coming or famous designers that build the global style of Scandinavia, recognized for its dynamism and avant-gardism. The interviews inside the magazine will let you know about the several sources of inspiration of glamour and most of time off-the-wall styles. You’re living out of Scandinavia? Reading the Bast magazine will keep you hip.