BAST – Winter 2013

BAST – Winter 2013

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Jenny Wilson gets interviewed, Kristin Larsdottir Dahl talks about Iceland Airwaves, Up and Down with Bibi Chemnitz and Nicklas Kunz,Jorck x Vibe Johansson, Han Kjobenhavn,…in Bast



The Swedish singer, songwriter and producer Jenny Wilson confesses to Kristin Larsdottir Dahl that the phrase “Be realistic- Demand the impossible”, which goes back to the 70’s from the student protest in Paris, has certainly inspired her. After cancer struggle, Jenny is back again in order to give us her best in releasing her fourth album Demand the impossible. The latter is a result of a more powerful and personal journey than any other. She chats also about her beginnings and evolution in the world of music. Find out astonishing photography caught in a moment of a time. In temporary white, the magazine gives us an overview of last trend. So keep reading!