BURST – April 2014

BURST – April 2014

The music magazine
Language : English
Category : Arts & Culture
Content : Eric Burdon, Anette Olzon, Henrik Klingenberg, Indica and many more…

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April’s edition features Adam Darski and The Holy Book, Eric Burdon, Anette Olzon, X-Ray stories, a beginner’s guide to Supernatural, Phase, Indica and Sonata Arctica.
“Snowpiercer” is an action film that despite of no superheroes, shows itself to be fulfilling, entertaining and exciting. With a promising cast and a solid story, “Snowpiercer” is a depiction of human society in a micro-scaled environment. It proves that a blockbuster can be intellectual, multi-dimensional with many interpretations. For those who are prepared to watch a film that does not follow the usual patterns, they will surely place it among the best viewings of the year. Monday, December 8th, time 23:00… A shot was heard in Manhattan and a man of 40 years old managed to walk a few meters to say “I am shot” and then fell down forever. This man was a Beatle. It was John Lennon… And this is a X-ray story of his murder that “BURST” presents in this edition.