BURST – March 2014

BURST – March 2014

The music magazine
Language : English
Category : Arts & Culture
Content : Dead By April, Saxon, Danny Bryant…

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In this issue in Burst Magazine, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, American Horror Story, Lemmy Kilmister a rebel with a cause, Lars Ulrich love him or hate him and many other great articles to find out.
In this edition, learn more about your best artists. In our X-Ray section, this time we explored the death of famous artists. Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe and Paul Gray are great names of the entertainments business. Their early deaths have been a big shock for the world. Overrated and crawling under tones of pressure, these great artists were subject to drugs. As for the King, he has always had issues with sleep since his childhood and he received help from medication to improve his case. But, apparently his medication addiction was fatal to him. For Marilyn, the cause of her death has been widely theorized. Could this be because she was the other woman in the Kennedy couple, and people needed more drama to complete the jig puzzle? More of this story in the X-Ray section of this issue.