BURST – May 2014

BURST – May 2014

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Language : English
Category : Arts & Culture

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In this melodious edition, we will listen to “The Walking Dead”, the transformation of Matthew McConaughey, Anastacia, a punk gypsy rock opera and a “Mother Monster”.
Have you heard about “The Walking Dead”? It is a TV show that belongs to the drama genre and is set up in a post apocalyptic era where people reincarnate after their death into zombies. These zombies are called “The Walkers” and the storyline follows the struggle for survival of a group of people led by an ex-deputy sheriff Rick Grimes, in a hostile environment without food and provisions. Simply because of her vocal skills, Anastacia has been called a “freak of nature” or “the little lady with the big voice”. She is a phenomenon, a true superstar. She created her own musique genre: the sprock sound (combination of pop, soul and rock). The title of her new album –“Resurrection”- is connected to her “re-birth” after the fact that she had to face many difficulties in her life and in her career those last few years.