CINEPLEX – August 2014

CINEPLEX – August 2014

The cinema magazine of Cineplex
Catégory : Arts & Culture
Language : English

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This time in Cineplex: Guardians of the galaxy, the new Marvel; News from Daniel Radcliff, A dame to kill for, the second Sin City by the Producer Robert Rodriguez, and many great articles to find out.
On your screen, Marvel’s Characters are back on track. This time with the A-list team: “Guardians of the Galaxy”, Marvel comic fans will not be disappointed. This comic finds its origin in 1960 and came back to life in 2008 and now its leap to the big screen is widely expected. Despite the simplicity of its plotline consisting mainly of alien races and combating evil schemes for interplanetary destruction, the whole movie is put together to keep you out of breath all along the scenarios as James Grun, the writer-producer, envisioned it. In this edition of Cineplex, find out all you need to know about this masterpiece before you actually hit the Theater’s chair on August 1st.