CONTRA DOC! – January 2014

CONTRA DOC! – January 2014

The photomagazine
Language : english / polish
Category : Arts & culture
Content : Andrzej Kramarz, Edyta Dufaj, Aneta Kowalczyk, João “Limamil” Lima, Nádia Maria, García de Marina, Bartek Stadnicki, Filip Wiśniewski…

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Contra Doc aims to show us how universal photography as a tool is, how much can be shown, how many emotions can be brought on, how much space can be crossed. Read Contra doc interview, EdytaDufaj, anetaKowalczyk.



Andrzej Kramarz, a freelance photographer, from the Institute of Creative Photography, but also lecturer, curator, editor of photo books, reveals us in depth his career, his self-perception as a photographer if he is a documentary-filmmaker or artist or both. As far as he is concerned, the creator is to create, not to be borders. Furthermore, while working on a photo or a cycle, his project should be expressive, cause questions and this is what really matter. A language reflecting perception and understanding are the main goals that Kramarz is looking for in photography. More precisely, he is searching for an attempt to understand the surrounding world and establishing relationship between them. Keep reading and enjoy the full magazine.

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