DOC! – December 2013

DOC! – December 2013

The photomagazine
Language : english / polish
Category : Arts & culture
Content : MFilip Ćwik, Maciej Jeziorek, Karolina Jonderko, Adam Lach, Piotr Małecki, Ewa Meissner…

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Let’s talk about the 5th anniversary of Napo images; the magazine gives them all pages of Doc! e-magazine, thus, for the first time, doc! is homogenous. Piotr Andrews talks about his work as reporter in extreme conditions…



Napo’s photographers are award-wining authors sharing a passion for developing and promoting documentary photography and focusing on long-term projects, dealing with important social, cultural and political issues. It can be said that they do not only focus on the artistically side but also on the human beings conditions. Indeed, the photographers document the problems of the modern man and world. Know more about Napo’s motivation as part of its work, how did it start, its name signification, its long-term expectation, how does Napo work, the most important moment in the 5-year-long history of Napo. Find one of the most interesting articles talking about Napo and many astounding daily photographies.

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