DOC! – February 2014

DOC! – February 2014

The photomagazine
Language : english / polish
Category : Arts & culture
Content : Ciril Jazbec, Nick Kozak, Laure Maugeais, Dina Oganova, Marcin Płonka….

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The leading position within this issue is occupied by Slovenian photographer Ciril Jazbec, who is the Laureate of the prestigious Leica Oskar Barnack 2013 Newcomer Award. Also, our magazine presents other talented photographers as Dina Oganova, Laure Maugeais, Laurent Ziegler and Marcin Plonka.

Dina Oganova is a freelance photographer based in Tbilisi. She is currently working on a book about the new generation of Georgians being the first one living after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Ciril Jazbec discovered photography towards the end of primary school, when his teacher invited pupils to attend a photography club. He was really captured when he won few photography awards at the national shop class competition. Today, Ciril Jazbec is the most representative of the Slovenian photography. Marcin Plonka is a freelance designer and art creator recently selected as one of 64 eminent creators in Great Britain by the international publishing house Victionary. In this edition, he makes relive with emotion the broken promises of Vorkuta.

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