DOC! – January 2014

DOC! – January 2014

The photomagazine
Language : english / polish
Category : Arts & culture
Content : Rafał Milach, Michał Adamski, Misha Domozhilov, Martushka Fromeast, Mariusz Janiszewski…

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In its January issue, “DOC” introduces Rafal Milach, one of the most famous Polish photographers. The next well-known person of this issue is Marius Janiszewski who invites us to the land of happiness… Remaining photographers as Soichiro Koriyama, Dafni Melidou and Bartosz Matenko will share us too some photographic emotions.

Michal Adamski is an autodidact photographer, currently involved in social matters focusing on man and his life on contemporary world. With photos marked with emotion, he looks back at his parents’ story, more exactly the year he observed them dying, with the solitude, pain and chaos they were not able to deal with. Rafal Milach is a photographer and a book creator who has been working on transformation projects in Russian-speaking countries and Central-Eastern Europe for over 10 years. Since the beginning, he is mainly interested by the different aspects of metamorphosis or what happens at the interface of change.

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