DOC! – July 2013

DOC! – July 2013

The photomagazine
Language : English / Polish
Category : Arts & culture
Content : Andrews Rodriguez, Przedlacki Shafer….
268 pages

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The July 2013 issue of Doc! is a special one because it celebrates the first year of the monthly publication. For the occasion, the magazine focuses on Piotr Andrews, a famous Polish photojournalist working for Reuters.

Born in Warsaw in 1961, Piotr Andrews is a great photograph who acquired his techniques at the University of Ottawa. After his studies, he began as a photojournalist in Canadian newspapers. He first began to work with great agencies in 1989, during the fall of the Berlin Wall. After working for Associated Press, he now works for the biggest Polish Photo Agency. He’s known for his raw vision of reality, in war and peace time.
For the 1st anniversary issue, Doc! is presenting us the 12th edition of the Festival of Photography that occurred in Lodz (center of Poland). During the event, the audience could discover a variety of styles, from portrait to war photography.

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