DOC! – June 2013

DOC! – June 2013

The polish photomagazine
Language : english / polish
Category : Arts & culture
Content : Maciej Dakowicz, Linda Dorigo, Marek Lapis….
244 pages

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Do you know Maciej Dakowicz? You will discover him through an interview and a selection of great color photos taken in India. The magazine also introduces Mariusz Janiszewski.

Doc ! is one of the most attractive photo magazine available in Europe. Readable for free online, Doc! is seducing most of the amateurs of art photo and even professionals. All photos express a particular point of view, translating not only the vision of the photographers, but also the world situation. Photographers selected by the magazine are not only talented. They have to justify a unique comprehension and interpretation of their subject or object. If you’re beginning to be interested by photographing, Doc! is a must see magazine. Because of the magazine presentation is really simple, you may appreciate better the way the photographers catch the light.

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