DOC! – May 2013

DOC! – May 2013

The photomagazine
Language : english / polish
Category : Arts & culture
Content : Tadeusz Rolke, Keliy Anderson-Staley…
214 pages

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For his May 2013 issue, the bilingual photomagazine Doc! Focuses on a great Polish photojournalist, who is Tadeusz Rolke. He is considered as the first Polish street photographer.

The Doc! photomagazine is really a unique periodic publication dedicated to artists and artworks. First of all, the uncluttered presentation of the magazine let the photos express their real meanings and styles. For each artist, a selection of photos goes along with a short biography and then an explanation of the philosophy that motivates the shoots, the use of light and the photographed subjects. Passionate, photography students or professionals, Doc! is a regular publication that will help you to expand your vision and your appreciation of the art of photographing. One day, you may be one of the selected artists published inside the photomagazine.

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