FOUR CULTURE – July/August 2013

FOUR CULTURE – July/August 2013

The magazine of music, literature & compelling societal views
Category : Arts & Culture
Language : English
Content : Sounds, visions, words, voices
96 pages

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For its July/August 2013 issue, Four Culture focuses on the photographer Iain Reid through and interview and a selection of photos. The magazine also talks about Eliza Jaye, Frank Cotolo and much more…

For Culture is a magazine dedicated to visual, musical and literary art. The magazine is different from other art magazine because of its artistic selection. Eclectic and visionary, the Four Culture’s staff chooses almost unknown artists that convey a social vision of art. Photographers, singers, composers, writers, painters… can ask the magazine to publish their works if they think they’re suited to the philosophy. Art lovers will find inside the magazine news names to discover and support. As a modern and ethical magazine, Four Culture only focuses on artists that are able to change the world’s mentality through their messages and outlooks.