FOUR CULTURE – March/April 2014

FOUR CULTURE – March/April 2014

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Category : Arts & Culture
Language : English
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In Four Culture magazine cover, the divine Lorraine hotel for the human race, an article talking about the complexity of human nature, a straight shooting, Juan Carlos Noria and the unbearable rightness of being kind…

Rousseau stated that “man is naturally good and is only corrupted by the society”. This idea implies that people are the product of their environment. However, it is subject to serious debate. Human beings are complex. And this complexity seems to argue against the adequacy of a single theory to explain the whole of human development. The Ukrainian band, My Personal Murderer has explored deeper questions about life’s meaning. The band music, a melancholic fusion of post-punk, atmospheric and depressive rock, is based on such questions. But the music of My Personal Murderer makes a compelling argument for Art that is the product of the artist’s surroundings…Don’t miss the article talking about Divine Lorraine Hotel, and more