FOUR CULTURE – September/October 2013

FOUR CULTURE – September/October 2013

The magazine of music, literature & compelling societal views
Category : Arts & Culture
Language : English
Content : Sounds, visions, words, voices…
104 pages

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Read about previously unpublished interviews and articles with Rose Redd, Noblesse Oblige, Stephen Hues and many other artists in which their most private thoughts and their secret source of inspiration are unveiled to you.

This time, Four Culture interviewed a rising star in entertainment business, Rose Redd. This young singer shared the fears and inspirations that punctuated the beginning of what looks to become a very long lasting career in showbiz. Learn more about her favorite artists, songs she made a cover of and many other tricks that helped her make such a remarkable leap from start. Also, as promised on the cover of this publication, a juicy article about the music band, Noblesse Oblige, is waiting for you for your pure entertainment. Discover, as well, more about Stephen Hues and his frenzied love for art, choreography and staging.