JAZZ UK – August / September 2013

JAZZ UK – August / September 2013

The Jazz Services guide to the british scene
Category : Arts & Culture
Language : English
Content : Music, Empirical…
32 pages

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The summer issue of Jazz UK takes us to the north western England and immerses us inside the Ribble Valley Jazz&Blues and the Lancaster Festival. It also presents the last double-album of Empirical.



Tabula Rasa is the title of the last release of the English quartet Empirical. This double-album takes a new direction compared to their 2011 release named Elements of Truth. The main notable change is the strings sound. As the members of the crew said, they unveil a music that cannot be labeled. By listening to each piece, we can discover a refined composition, letting the listeners live a new experience.
Jazz UK is also presenting us the second album of The Impossible Gentlemen, a band specialized in jazz-rock and modern post-bop. Named Internationally Recognised Aliens, the album allies groove and melodies.