RE-VOLT March 2014

RE-VOLT March 2014

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Category : Arts & Culture

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In its March 2014 issue, “RE-VOLT” goes to meet female saxophonist Ida Koraitem, Lybian-American Hip-Hop artist Khaled M., Saudi Hop-Hop artist Majeed and Lebanese graffiti wizards.
Khaled M. is a Lybian-American Hip-Hop artist. At elementary school, he was the only kid looking up old Tupac lyrics and poems or listening Nas. He is mainly influenced by struggle or people who sacrifice worldly success and risk everything to stand by principle and fight for something they believe in. Majeed is a Saudi Hip-Hop artist who fell in love with music the first time he heard Kriss Kross when he was just 5 years old. Unfortunately, even if there is a great amount of talent that are ready to take the Hip-Hop scene in Saudi Arabia to greater heights, rappers’ works are overlooked, for the most part partially because of the society they live in.