THE FLY – January 2013

THE FLY – January 2013

The Britain’s Music Magazine
Language : English
Catégory : Arts & Culture
Content : Sky Ferreira Cover Story, Metronomy In The Studio, Smith Westerns, TOY, Darkside

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In this edition of The Fly magazine, find out the top albums of 2013, John Kerrison’s graphic content, the fly award and many amazing articles to keep you entertained.

The Fly is not just a magazine it is rather an attitude of being smart, fashionable, musical and chill. In this issue, “in the studio” talks to Joe Mount, an offensively good guitarist from the Metronomy. The band promised us the release of the album entitled “Loveletters” in March 2014 by the label Because Music. Be the first to find out more about this story in this month’s edition of The Fly. Also in this issue, discover the top 50 of 2013’s album. Some you might know well, some too well even and other you might be a little familiar with or it could be new to you. This list provides you with what we personally think have be a sensational record, although it’s nothing to do with Daft Punk or David Bowie .