THE FLY – October 2013

THE FLY – October 2013

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In this issue, Haim, the American rock band originally from Los Angeles talks about their new album “Days are gone”. Also, find out more about Cass McComb, one of the most gifted Californian songwriter.

The Fly met the Haim lately and brought you incredible stories about this very fascinating American rock band who obviously managed to cross the Atlantic for the release of their new album: “Days are gone”. This Los Angeles born rock group is known for their “nu-folk-meets-nineties-RnB”. Also in this issue, find out more about Cas McComb. Cass McComb is genius, a landmark in the history of songwriting. Behind his couldn’t careless attitude and Skater-boy look, this 36 year old American songwriter shows maturity and humility when he talks about his successful career in the world of music and creation; all you need to know about Cass McComb this month in The Fly.