TRAP MAGAZINE – December-January 2014

TRAP MAGAZINE – December-January 2014

The electro and hip-hop magazine
Category : Arts & Culture
Language : English
Content : Melé, Kelela, Zed Bias, Sam Binga & Redders…

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Look out for the Horizon Festival in Bulgaria, Fashion, street boutiques, Fifty Fifty: team and brand, and more in the Regular section. In the Features, find out Revolutions in sound, Kelela or Zed Bias, Melé, fashion shoot…



The latest news about fashion? ZDDZ London is a label for those who like to mix up, Shade London a self established firm contented in the street wear market… Donuts gives us an exclusive interview from its signification, its coming collection, future plans… Fifty Fifty is proud to bring us plenty of Bristol- based action in this issue with Fifty fifty brand, Skateboard Café… Trap reveals us more about Zed such as his forth-coming album “Boss” or the latest track from Scruffizer. Kelela, a new comer to the club music scene, talks about collaborations, organic versus electronic, self-representation, and of course future plans. Krissy Peers or Melé, in his twenties, has already released records for the likes of Mixpak