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In this edition, “AB INTERNATIONAL” introduces Jean Stephens, the woman who broke the glass ceiling of international accountancy networks and takes a look at the figures behind the World Cup. There is also an analysis of threats and solutions about cyber security and the role of accountants in Africa’s future.
FIFA is a non-profit organization based in Switzerland but with a highly commercial outlook. One indicator of this is that it has its own range of FIFA-branded merchandise. The organization’s status allows it to enjoy a tax-free lifestyle, though this also obliges it to spend its profits on fulfilling its football objectives. The World Cup in Johannesburg in 2010 is confirmed to be the most lucrative in FIFA’s history and the most watched sporting event ever. These are testing times for everyone in Ukraine and business and accountant community is concerned. The fact is Ukraine went through a major revolution and related to the country’s orientation on a westward course – European Union -, accounting and related business will have a pivotal role to play.