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“AB INTERNATIONAL” is back with many eagerly-awaited topics! We will meet Bertrand Mbouck of Wärtsila, Fridrich Housa of Deloitte and overworked auditors… We will find out too that more must be done to improve primary education in sub-Saharan Africa and women at the top are closing the gender pay gap.

At 45, Aneal Maharaj is group finance director at the ANSA McAL Group of Companies – the largest conglomerates in the English-speaking Caribbean-. With 60 companies in eight sectors, the company has the economic capacity of several small Caribbean states. Aneal Maharaj has a leadership role in helping devise and implement strategy, plus a functional responsibility for financial performance management and governance. His successful career is due to his sense of the detail and precision, indispensable attribute of a business executive. About the treatment of women at work, good news and bad news get muddled up. Yes, elite females have been catching up on their male counterparts; yes, at the top of the salary pyramid, they are closing in on pay equality. However, according to Alison Wolf, a London University professor, their prosperity is often built on a largely female underclass of domestic workers…