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In this issue, find out more about some of the world’s most inspirational business people. Also, learn many tips to strengthen your business: communication, leadership, investments and many other ideas to ensure success.

In this issue, AB International interviewed Sarah Adler, the 37 year-old CFO at Australian News Channel and head of Sky News Australia’s financials. Strong in experiences and motivation, Sarah Adler is very confident about the future of Sky News Australia, and moreover she sees Australia itself as the place to go for a woman who wants to be successful in business. Also, in this edition, AB International keeps track of Brazil’s tottering economy. Brazil will host the World Cup in June 2014 and the Olympic Games in August 2016. Everything sounded fine four years ago and all seemed to predicted good days ahead. However, the country is now facing huge difficulties as its currency has lost a third of its value against the Dollars and its crude oil production is decreasing dramatically. Learn more about this story in an article called “Great expectations”.