SOCIETY NOW – Autumn 2013

SOCIETY NOW – Autumn 2013

The brtish economic & social research council magazine
Language : english
Category : Business
Content :Natural asset, britain’s green, politics…
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In this edition, check out how to set safety measures for Internet users, why women know less about politics than men and many other articles and interviews to keep you updates.

In this issue, Society Now gives you the opportunity to build more insights and understanding on the most commonly used tool to build evidence based data-basing: statistics. Despite the fact that data collection and interpretation have become the key components of today’s scientific reasoning, one has found out that it has been recently misused to justify the unacceptable. Learn more about this story in an article entitled: “Sexy Statistics?” Also, in this edition, find out the outcome of a research conducted on people’s inclination to politics. Did you know that in most cases, women are less acquainted with politics than men? If you want to know more about this topic, you can read our article: “Politically disinterested”.