SOCIETY NOW – Spring 2014

SOCIETY NOW – Spring 2014

The brtish economic & social research council magazine
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Category : Business
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In this issue, UK by number, the success challenges and the impact of the London 2012 Olympic Games, Risk factors in financial institutions, Managing the environment to deal with flooding and many other great articles to discover.
Society Now offers an updated overview of the ever changing features of nowadays lifestyle and paradigm. In this edition, we explore the correlation between disabling conditions and one’s socio-economical background. The university of Warwick conducted a research aiming to identify whether the prolonged exposure of a healthy child to an economically challenging environment will expose the latter to higher risk of developing disabling chronic conditions. This research is the first of its kind. It also incorporates a systematic review of the evidence already available on the relationship between socio-economic deficiencies and disability within kids. Find out more about this story in an article called Disadvantages increases disabling conditions.