SOCIETY NOW – Summer 2013

SOCIETY NOW – Summer 2013

The brtish economic & social research council magazine
Language : english
Category : Business
Content : work, economic growth, breastfeeding, green budget …
32 pages
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This summer 2013 issue of Society Now introduces the winners of the new ESRC Celebrating Impact Prize and their techniques bringing them to this achievement. Mingled with that topic are themes about changing behaviors, innovation and insights on how to labor markets work.

Facing the predictable and actual unemployment in many of the Euro zone countries, the issue focuses on how to get out of this crisis. A recent survey from the European Social Survey (ESS) demonstrates and proves clearly this economic disaster. Impacts can be felt in increased job insecurity and the pressure at work. Governments seem to urgently search for new policies to encourage job creation. And meanwhile, young people appear gone astray. Noble laureate Professor Chris Pissarides digs deep into this matter. He goes into this with his eyes open wide to provide policy advice in the magazine.
ESRC Festival of Social Science of this year 2013 will be held on 2-9 November. Information about this event is available in this magazine as well as the authentic meaning of the event that is the effect of social science on our daily lives.