CARS GLOBAL MAG – September 2013

CARS GLOBAL MAG – September 2013

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Language : english
Category : Cars and Motorbikes
Content : the most beautiful Lamborghini ever: the Veneno and the Egoista…

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This month in Cars Global Mag: the McLaren M6 GT, the green side of Renault Twizy, Lada sport and many other great articles about your favorite cars.

Meet the very first McLaren road car in Cars Global Mag. In 1964, a Bruce McLaren and his crew made the first true McLaren sport car, the M1A. This car gained one’s spurs in the racing world in Europe and in America. His successor, the M1B, was faster and led the crew to even more lands to conquer and more races to win. Find out more about this McLaren adventure in the Classic series of this edition. Are you ready for the new gold rush of car manufacturing? Many companies innovate everyday in green cars conception, and Renault surprises us even more with its Renault Twizzer. Among its many original features, this car is 2.34 meter long and 1.24 m wide and it takes about 6 seconds to go from 0 to 45kph.