4:MAG – Q2 2013

4:MAG – Q2 2013

The magazine of digital forensics
Language : english
Category : Computing & Internet
Content : The secret lives of hard drives…
36 pages

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For his first issue, the 4:MAg magazine focused on digital forensics let us know about what is happening inside our hard drive. The magazine also relates many articles that will help you understand what digital forensics is.

4:Mag is not just another computer or geek magazine. It’s a particular periodic publication focused on the unknown subject of digital forensics and obviously the linked subject of incident response. 4:Mag is talking about an increasing community that works for enhancing the security of our digital and computer items by analyzing problems and threats that regularly affects us. Written by specialists, the 4:Mag magazine especially talks about how each action leaves marks that can be found inside our hard drives and memory sticks. Identifying hacking source, lost and deleted information or evidences for resolving crimes and infractions are some of the abilities of a digital forensics specialist.