GAMECCA – December 2013

GAMECCA – December 2013

the South African video gaming magazine
Language : English
Category : Computing & Internet
Content : Cold War, Need for speed…

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Back to the battle with Killzone, Shadow Fall, in the Cold War, Ghosts reviewed in Call of duty, Need for Speed’s return with some new rivals, and six more upcoming video game titles… in Gamecca


From WRC 4 in FIA World Rally Championship, Just dance 2014, Angry birds star wars, Sonic lost World or XCOM enemy within to LEGO marvel super heroes, Gamecca looks after each of the games’ fan without dismissing even one of them. In gaming’s world, ironic titles and characters overflow, but rare are the ones that can claim to define a genre. The Killzone, Shadow Fall, trilogy has stood the test of time with fans returning again and again to the unique setting that Guerilla shaped. In the meantime, take a look to the Gran Turismo 6, the real driving simulator, in order to explore a “real” driving world, or DragonBall Z, the battle of Z…