GAMECCA – February 2014

GAMECCA – February 2014

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In this edition, “GAMECCA” presents the games that will rock this year, hardware we need to have, what gamers really deserve and a retrospective of 2004, when gaming was awesome – a decade ago!-.

1998 can be considered the birth of the stealth genre. The honors for the first 3D stealth game belong to Tenchu: Stealth Assassins, which was closely followed by the now iconic Metal Gear Solid. But certainly, it was Thief: The Dark Project though that truly embraced what are now considered to be the core fundamentals of a stealth game. The utilization of available technology made The Dark Project so revolutionary. The Ninja Gaiden franchise has come a very long way: the first title was released in 1988 on NES. Players of the series can look forward to a new iteration as Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z set to be released in March. The Ninja Gaiden franchise is maybe one of the more difficult games to master but fans do not deny themselves a good thing!