GAMECCA – March 2014

GAMECCA – March 2014

the South African video gaming magazine
Language : English
Category : Computing & Internet

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Amateurs of Dark Souls? Gamecca gives us an overview of Dark Souls 2. In the Stick of truth, we will be able to go down to South Park with the role-playing of Kenny…

Internet becomes nowadays all but integral to modern gaming. The Elder Scrolls series demonstrates this by accomplishing something unique. It is the antithesis of multiplayer thinking. We live in a day and age in which games are more sophisticated and designed to appeal each person from the youngest to the oldest. The requirements of success are that any mainstream title has to charm to the widest audience possible. If you play any title released prior to 2000, you will immediately feel the difference. “They killed Kenny! You bastards!”, one of the famous lines spoken in the animated cartoon series South Park. The show is known for including real-life celebrities in the chaos. Keep reading and discover the game based on South Park.