GAMETRADERS – August 2013

GAMETRADERS – August 2013

The Australian video games retail franchise magazine
Category : Computing & Internet
Language : English
Content : Grand theft auto, Avcon Adelaide…
73 pages

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The August 2013 issue of Gametraders is focusing on GTA V, but also talks about mobile gaming and the art of photographing cosplay. Hayley Elise, a famous cosplayer, is sharing us her passion.

With more than a billon units sold in the world, GTA V is the best selling title in videogame industry. Offering a controversial content and an open world, the game lets the player explore a world of crime, drug dealing in the city of Los Santos. According to Maddy Gibbons, a game critic, GTA V, as ists predecessors, is just a videogame, not a crime school as many think. John Elliott, another game critic, is focusing on the continuity of the saga, able to offer new and thrilling experience to players. To help you understand the violent world of Grand Theft Auto, Gametraders is offering a look back on GTA San Andreas, qualified as one of the greatest game ever made.