GAMETRADERS – September 2013

GAMETRADERS – September 2013

The Australian video games retail franchise magazine
Category : Computing & Internet
Language : English
Content : Battlefield 4, International cosplayer…

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Welcome to September issue. This month for you: new releases, reviews and previews, Call of Duty: ghosts vs. Battlefield 4. Many more article that will make your day far more better.

Discover the next-gen in gaming with Call of Duty: Ghost and Battlefield 4. Which one to get? You do not have to choose of course! You can actually have them both as both offer matchless sensation by taking you to a new era of consoles. Enjoy this article to water your month about your ever-favorite games. Also, find out our list of the latest release on the very first pages of your premium choice in games magazine. Get updated with the most recent trends, make your choices and know where to get what you need. Read about the preview of this edition: Pokemon x and y. Start your game and catch them all in this full 3D adventure featuring 29 new Pokemons so far.