LIVE – December 2013

LIVE – December 2013

The Australian video games retail franchise magazine
Category : Computing & Internet
Language : English

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Top ten of the most have games, Rocksmith 2014, Battlefield 2014, Batman Arkham Origins, Pokémon X & Y and more in Live. Time to spoil yourself with brand new console or game!


Live offers you a great list of not only XBOX one games from A to Z (Angry Birds star wars to Zoo Tycoon) but also PS4 games. Super Mario and his crew are back in Nintendo’s Super Mario 3D world for the WiiU. Players can finally get to play as Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach or Toad for the first time since Super Mario 2, and they can play as all of these characters together. Beside, Pokémon X & Y, one of the best Pokémon game in a long while, combines a fantastic main game that is both completely welcoming to first time fans, exciting and new to long time veterans as well…What next?