LIVE – March 2014

LIVE – March 2014

The Australian video games retail franchise magazine
Category : Computing & Internet
Language : English

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In this edition of Live, No one hear your scream in the Survival Horror Special; have a first look of Titanfall as far as gaming experts are concerned, know more about what is happening in UK and US, and some more articles.

Survival Horror groups together action games that focused on the survival of the protagonists. Survival horror has always been like a niche genre, seeing that it often proves that it is quite difficult to create a fun and reward survival horror. In fact, it is at the same time a challenge and genuinely scary. Let’s talk about Titanfall. There is no doubt that everybody have heard that its beta version was open to everyone with an Xbox One, players all over the world were logging in, and experiencing it. Titanfall has the same creator as Call of Duty. Check the full magazine version to read the whole article and some others.Enjoy!