LIVE – September 2014

LIVE – September 2014

The Australian video games retail franchise magazine
Category : Computing & Internet
Language : English

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In this issue: Live’s preview and review list, God Game, Interview with cosplayers, our selection of Anime and manga and many other great articles and stories to keep you updated.
The gaming world is now a fast-paced one. As gaming has become an art, a very sophisticated one, Live devotes itself into bring you the most recent products and trends in the matter. This time, Motal Kombat is under the spotlight again. Twenty years ago until now, this video game has always managed to challenge people’s mind. Indeed, Mortal Kombat was the first game that targeted older audience in an era where video game was only meant for children. Its contents were subjected to many controversies and gave birth to the age-rating systems we are now using in Video game retail sales. Find out more of this story in an article called “Mortal Kombat: The game which defined an Industry” available in this edition of Live Magazine.