KID MAGAZINE – April 2014

KID MAGAZINE – April 2014

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In its April 2014 issue, “KID MAGAZINE” shares five tips for starting baby’s wardrobe and breakfast in bed recipes. Also, we will find out a Mother’s Day gift guide and what dreams are made…
A gluten free diet is not something that people regularly hear about. Coeliac disease is little-known; it is understandable as it affects only one per cent of the population. Fortunately, the gluten free market is one of the fastest growing segments and Nutritionist and Naturopath Sarah-Jane Purnell recently created the Purebred 7 Day Gluten Free Challenge to put the spotlight on following gluten free diet. It is important to keep children hydrated. At school, dehydratation can impact on cognitive function impairing concentration, memory and alertness. Indeed, caught up in a game or activity, our little ones often neglect to quench their thirst. This is why Hydration experts recommend that children must be offered regular access to clean fresh water and kept cool and in the shade as much as possible.