KID MAGAZINE – July 2013

KID MAGAZINE – July 2013

The magazine for mums and children
Language : english
Category : Family
Content : babies, beauty, dads, mums, parents…
70 pages

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The seventh issue of Kid Magazine gives us essential tips on raising babies. You will also discover some advices from a naturopath about the different vitamins needed before, during and after the delivery.

Kid magazine is the must have magazine for all mothers who want advices for their children and themselves. We all know that if the birth of a child is a magical moment, facing the preparation, the delivery and the raising of a baby is particularly difficult. Each section of Kid Magazine will help you to feel better. Regularly, an agenda presents several events dedicated to child and mother. Clothes, accessories are presented to help you choose the next style of your children. Movie and music releases are also tackled inside the magazine. And of course, there are many advices about feeding our babies that are given by nutritionists.