KID MAGAZINE – October 2013

KID MAGAZINE – October 2013

The magazine for mums and children
Language : English
Category : Family
Content : babies, beauty, dads, mums, parents…

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In this edition, see all in pink in an awareness raising movement for breast cancer, learn how our unhealthy diet impact our children and find out tips to create a safe environment in your home.

This month, Kid magazine provides you with great tips to defeat stress, and they don’t request much. In an article called “Unwinding and distressing at home”, Vicky Brant introduces you to art of breathing. Indeed, everybody breaths but, did anybody ever tell you that you do it the right way? Or that there are better ways to use your breathing to get the most of your life? Kid Magazine reveals you this time the secret of a healthy life, and it is all in your breath. Also, in this issue, did you know that a woman with unhealthy diet runs the risk of having children with dysfunctional behaviors as they grow? Learn more about this topic in a very captivating article entitled: “Junk food: a nasty legacy for our children”.