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In its January 2014 issue, “CRUMBS COTSTWOLDS” cooked for us Bulgar wheat salad, honey cakes, veal escalope with chimichurri sauce, mussel chowder with salmon and leeks, sea bream and king prawn ceviche and seared tuna. We will get also regular wine recommendations. Good appetite!

Pomegranates grow on ornamental trees across Mediterranean, Africa and Asia. They are round, pinkish berry, generally about the size of a big orange. Beneath its leathery skin, there is a mass of white and bitter spongy membrane holding in place juicy seeds. Many cocktails are based around the pomegranate: the Grenadine syrup is a classic cocktail building block! Its seeds work brilliantly in salads and go well with nuts, bitter leaves and all sorts of cheese. For a simple dessert, we can scatter seeds on ice cream, yoghurt or sorbet. Brian Street is a restaurant manager at Colleys Lechlade. Their best-seller dishes at the moment are pulled-pork sandwich, fiery red curry and duck a l’orange. Colleys Lechlade is a very special place to visit: proof is it has satisfied demanding customers for 30 years.