FOODLOVER – January 2014

FOODLOVER – January 2014

The british West Country foodlover magazine
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This time is Foodlover, Health doesn’t have to mean boring, 6 foodie news, from field to plate, the Chef’s tip, and many great articles to help you find out about health and gastronomy.

In this issue, learn how to make the best and luxurious chocolate you will ever taste. Marc Demarquette, one of Britain’s best chocolatiers offered three days training in making chocolate. Sam Moody will prepare the Feast. But one thing is sure, Chocolate is in everything you taste. And, what a delicious experience! This event will take place on February 15th in the All Saints Center in Westson. In our “In season” section, we offer you the possibility to enjoy new shopping habits in an article called “Foodie Resolutions for 2014”. Some new habits to learn among others are: to do your shopping at the local shop, eat the seasons, and eat more vegetable.