FOODLOVER – June 2013

FOODLOVER – June 2013

The british West Country foodlover magazine
Language : english
Category : Home & Garden
Content : cooking, events, news, how to…
56 pages
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Bored to drink tea in the same way each day? Read the 11th issue of the Foodlover magazine to find different way to appreciate the tea time. Baking projects and chefs’ tips are also available.

Foodlover is just not a compilation of tasty recipes. Above all else, it’s a really good publication to use seasonal ingredients and products when cooking. By reading the magazine, amateur and even professional cookers will be able to enhance the taste of their daily or their festive dishes. Each month, the recipes presented inside the magazine are innovating. You also have to know that beyond the cooking tips and products presentations, Foodlover is a lifestyle magazine that will help you to take up again with a healthy way of life. Regularly kitchen utensils are presented to enhance your home design.