FOODLOVER – September 2013

FOODLOVER – September 2013

The british West Country foodlover magazine
Language : english
Category : Home & Garden
Content : cooking, events, news, how to…
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« FOOODLOVER » stewed delicious topics in its September issue: foodie news, recipes and eggsperiments for children, tangy tomatoes and juicy apples, quick meals to impress in the week, nice meetings with rapeseed oil producer Andy Fussell and Chef Bruce Cole from Moorland Garden Hotel.

Let us back to cookery school! If you are thinking about starting cooking or improving your culinary skills, cookery classes are good: it shoulg give you the confidence to tackle various dishes and new techniques. In a kitchen garden, let us meet Matthew Peryer, the new head Chef at Lewtrenchard. Coming from a Michelin background, he would not be indifferent to another one Michelin star… Are tomatoes fruits ot vegetables? Some class tomatoes as fruits due to containing seeds but “in the common language of people”, they are vegetables because they are not served as a dessert. Anyway, we commend the farmers from the West Country who work hard to bring us the distinctive taste of a Brittish tomato at the peak of its season.