2BEMAG – February 2014

2BEMAG – February 2014

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Language : English
Category : Lifestyle
Content : Fashion, Arts, Photography…

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In this chic issue, “2BEMAG” presents a painter artist named Chencho, the fashion designer Cindy Zhang and her first collection REBORN and reminds the divine fashion icon Brigitte Bardot.

Cindy Zhang is a fashion accessory brand focusing on leather handcrafting for body accessories and handbag. Her first collection called REBORN focuses on the concept of “contrast between firm and soft”. The concept of “contrast between firm and soft” is about combinations of power and mild, female and male, rationality and sensitivity. In fashion, the Bardot neckline (a wide open neck that exposes both shoulders) is named after her. Bardot popularized this style… And the bikini. Bardot also brought into fashion the choucroute hairstyle (a sort of beehive hairstyle) and gingham clothes. Idolized by John Lennon, Paul McCartney and Bob Dylan – who dedicated the first song he ever wrote to her –, she remains a fashion icon, the most glamorous actress of French cinema history.