2BEMAG – January 2014

2BEMAG – January 2014

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In its January 2014 issue, “2BEMAG” is back with fashionable meetings with Alejandra G., Heidi Paula Langvad, David Bowie and The Big 5 – 5 emerging designers that will mark the next summer 2014-.

Alejandra G. is a brand in the fashion industry, being known for as shoes for the fashion forward woman. With styles ranging from studded sandals to platform pumps, the designer seeks to empower women, for her to feel confident, fun, daring and adventurous. With bold colors, the style is feminine with a sophisticated yet girlie feel. Each awe-inspiring shoe is a work of art. Heidi Paula Langvad is a fashion designer who works with selected Danish artisanal studios. Indeed, she loves traditional craftsmanship and her collections are entirely comprised of mainly locally sourced natural materials as lush cashmeres or lamb leathers. We do not introduce anymore very famous David Bowie, the man who turned into Ziggy Stardust. He is a fashion icon, as his super model wife Imam. He is the one and only reference of music mixing fashion.