2BEMAG – July 2013

2BEMAG – July 2013

The raw talents magazine
Language : English
Category : Lifestyle
Content : Fashion, Arts, Photography…
120 pages

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The 34th issue of 2Bemag lets us know about the works of prominent and rising photographers and stylists. Because summer is there, all photos published inside the magazine are sunny and colorful.

If 2Bemag is a fashion magazine, it is also an artistic compilation of new and famous photographers, stylists and models. One of the greatest powers of 2Bemag is the impressiveness of the photos published inside it. Indeed, the magazine aims to discover raw and original talents who are able to convey a new vision of fashion and photography. All shooting sessions are staged to show the particularity of each cloth and accessory worn by the models. To sum up, 2Bemag is the magazine that combines the art of photographing and designing. If you think you got talents, you can submit your ideas or works to the editorial team.