2BEMAG – June 2013

2BEMAG – June 2013

The raw talents magazine
Language : English
Category : Lifestyle
Content : Fashion, Arts, Photography…
100 pages

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As in each issue, the June 2013 issue of 2bemag let us discover new stylists, photographers and other artists. You will particularly appreciate Ursu photos that are promoting chic and simplicity, or Francesco Berardinelli which photos are glamour and provocative.

2bemag is not just a fashion magazine. The role of the magazine is to be a talent scout, trying to find new talented model designers and photographs. The magazine tone is glamour and chic, and all photos presented in high quality unveil a great selection of cloths and accessories. Each collection is presented inside particular scenery to underline both talents of designers, photographs and models. If the magazine is dedicated to women, we can regularly discover men’s models. The artists’ websites are available inside the magazine to help you find their portfolio. By reading 2bemag, you will easily find your own style.