2BEMAG – October 2013

2BEMAG – October 2013

The raw talents magazine
Language : English
Category : Lifestyle
Content : Fashion, Arts, Photography…

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Improve your sense glam and style with 2BEMAG. In this edition, find out our selections of themed fashion depiction: tradition featuring modern beauty, sunset in the desert and many other great articles to tackle.

This month, 2BEMAG provides with the latest trends in fashion, art, and photography. Explore the magic of the “beautiful” with us: picturesque settings, gorgeous models, perfect outfits and awesome fashion designers. Bali is known for its lush environment, Five star resorts and amazing people. However, in “Tradition Feat Modern Beauty” revolutionized the concept of style. In this the story, learn more about a photographer who engineered a mesmerizing way of marrying a traditional wedding accessories to modern fashion. If all you need is to create beauty, just mix traditional elegant mussel necklaces with embroidered laces but the 2BEMAG way. More articles to discover: Sunset in the Desert, Sexy and Savage on the Roof Top, etc.