CHIC – February 2014

CHIC – February 2014

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Content : Will Tee, Gary Numan and Paul Pashley…

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In its February issue, “CHIC” did interviews with Will Tee, Gary Numan and Paul Pashley. We will find also in our magazine some beauty tips, music reviews, film reviews and the Sheffield business of the year.


“CHIC” met up with Will Tee, the reggae artist, to talk about his new album, his highlights from touring Europe this year and what is in store for 2014. Will Tee’s career kicked off in 2008 when he started playing to Sheffield’s very own reggae scene. He has since collaborated with musicians and artists from across the globe and got his own label named Descendant Music. Eliza Doolittle is a young songstress who started a singing career at 16. All of her songs are quite personal, a kind of diary from her mind and her heart. A wedding is more than just a very expensive party: it is the union of two people who declare their love for each other to the entire world. For those who are ready to make the biggest commitment of their life, Sheffield has a brilliant selection of some of country’s best wedding retailers!